Live streaming of the 21st Great Dragon Parade from Kraków won hearts in China

The International Office of the Polish Tourism Organisation in Beijing, in cooperation with the Małopolska Tourism Organisation and the Kraków City Hall, organised a live stream from sightseeing Kraków on the day of the 21st Great Dragon Parade.

Live streaming from Krakow

Kraków is one of the most visited cities in Poland when it comes to Chinese tourists, and during the live broadcast many viewers mentioned reliving their visits to the city in their comments. The dragon aspect of the stream was particularly interesting to Chinese viewers who had just celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival last weekend.

Live coverage from Kraków was watched by more than 11 thousand viewers on the Mafengwo platform. The publication on this travel site is further supported by promotional efforts of the  POT International Office in Beijing on the other most popular social channels in China: Wechat, Weibo, red, Qyer and Ctrip. They feature articles and photographs that promote not only streaming, but also other interesting attractions from the Małopolska region.

The live stream from Kraków was this year’s first one in a series of live broadcasts from Polish cities on the Mafengwo travel platform, initiated last year. In the following months, there are plans to stream from other places in Poland.

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