Latest Chinese celebrity promotes Poland

The efforts of Polish Tourism Organisation brought Chinese TV personality Wu Xin to Poland. The popular TV host is the second Chinese celebrity, after actress and singer Qi Wei, to recently visit our country.


As part of cooperation with Chinese company Freextar and thanks to the support of Małopolska Tourist Organisation, we spent several days travelling around the area of Małopolska with Chinese celebrity Wu Xin.

The well-known TV host had an opportunity to become familiar with the region’s culture and tradition by, i.a. learning to sing highlander songs, watching the process of making oscypek smoked cheese, trying her hand at local handicraft and learning more about the customs of rafters. Next, the actress headed for Kraków to explore a more contemporary face of the historical capital of Poland and to stand up to the challenge of single-handedly making one of the tastiest symbols of Kraków - the obwarzanek ring-shaped bread roll.

Footage shot during Wu Xin’s trip and the earlier tour of Warsaw by actress and singer Qi Wei will be used for a short TV show to be available through Chinese video streaming services. Its launch is expected to take place in early 2020.

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