Italian travel agents and journalists discover the attractions of Lower Silesia

Wrocław and Lower Silesia were the destination of a study visit by Italian travel agents and journalists organised by the Polish Tourism Organisation in cooperation with the Lower Silesian Tourism Organisation. Guests regularly covered subsequent points on their agenda in their social media. The first articles in the sector media have already been published, too.

Travel photos of Italian agents and journalists

The study trip organized by the Polish Tourism Organisation in cooperation with the Lower Silesian Tourism Organisation took place from 6 to 10 September. During their time here, ten travel agents, tour operators and industry magazine journalists learned about the attractions of Wrocław and Lower Silesia. The study trip was initiated by the POT International Office in Rome.

A very rich program had been prepared for the participants, including, in addition to the attractions of Wrocław itself, the most interesting places and sights of the entire region. The Italian guests visited, among others, Srebrna Góra, the mine in Złoty Stok, castles and palaces (such as the Marianna Oriańska Palace, Książ Castle and Grodno Castle), and the Church of Peace in Świdnica. They also went rafting in the Kłodzko Valley and took ceramics workshops in Bolesławiec.

They went home with extremely positive impressions and the intention to introduce Poland to their offer and to encourage customers to buy trips to our country. The trip was being covered on the social media of the participants and the EasyMarket Travel Solutions channels. One of the most important magazines on the subject, Turismo & Attualità, has already published first articles about it.

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