Italian content creators visit Łódź

Łódź was the destination of six bloggers and Instagram influencers from Italy invited by Polish Tourism Organisation. Guests from the Apennine Peninsula actively toured the city and participated in the Light Move Festival.


At the invitation of the Rome-based office of Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT), a group of six Italian bloggers and Instagram influencers stayed in Łódź on 26-29 September. The list of guests included bloggers running Viaggia e Scopri ( and Sorelle su Marte ( plus Stefano Cicchini (

The main objective of the trip staged by POT involved participating in the Łódź-based Light Move Festival and exploring the creative and modern face of the city. Developed with Italian guests in mind, an intense and diverse agenda of sightseeing and activities placed emphasis on the most intriguing landmarks of Łódź, including EC1 - City of Culture complex, Księży Młyn historic factory complex, Manufaktura shopping and entertainment centre, OFF Piotrkowska Centre and “Dętka” Canal Museum.

Last but not least, by walking along the trail of art installations and street art projects, Italian bloggers and Instagrammers could find out for themselves that the urban space in Łódź is applied in a truly creative way.

The stay was arranged in partnership with Łódź Tourism Organisation.

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