Israeli TV series The Amazing Journey travels to Kraków

On Monday crew of the Israeli Reshet 13 TV channel is shooting the latest episode of The Amazing Journey series in Kraków.


The Amazing Journey is an Israeli documentary TV series presenting select places all around the world from the perspective of their culture, history, religion, geography and tradition as reflected in local food and the people creating it. The show is hosted by famous Israeli chef Israel Aharoni and singer and actor Gidi Gov.

The choice of Kraków as the filming location of the discussed episode was inspired by, i.a. its status of this year’s European Capital of Gastronomic Culture.

The episode will showcase the most attractive places in Kraków and the region of Małopolska: the Main Market Square, local food fairs, the Pod Aniołami restaurant (show’s leitmotif), as well as suppliers of regional products, mostly hailing from the area of Podhale.

The visit of the food show was staged by Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) together with its partners: Polish Airlines LOT, Municipality of Kraków, Małopolska Tourism Organisation and Pod Aniołami restaurant.

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