“Genoa in the world. The world in Genoa”. Presentation of Polish attractions at a networking event in Italy

The historic building of the Palazzo della Borsa in Genoa, Italy, served as the venue for a networking event for representatives of business, tourism and culture. The Polish Tourism Organisation was there presenting tourist and cultural attractions of our country.

The world in Genoa

“Genoa in the world. The world in Genoa” (“Genova nel mondo, il mondo a Genova”) ran the name and slogan of the networking event, organised for the Italian tourist, cultural and business industries, and attended by the Polish Tourism Organisation (PTO). The event was organised by the consular corps in Genoa and Liguria, the Genoa City Hall, the Liguria Region, in cooperation with the Genoa Chamber of Commerce, Promos Italia, Confindustria Genoa, Liguria International, the Carlo Felice Theatre and the Western Ligurian Sea Port System Authority.

A total of 52 consulates took part in the all-day meeting. Poland was represented by, among others, the Honorary Consul Giuseppe Tarò, representatives of the General Consulate in Milan: Ewa Jerzykowska and Marta Zagórowska, as well as Dominika Cichocka from the PTO International Office in Rome. The Polish stand presented above all the tourist and cultural attractions of our country.

Participants in the event and speakers stressed the importance of diplomatic missions and international cooperation for the development of the city and the region, particularly in economic terms. The evening concluded with a performance at the San Carlo Theatre, presenting music and dance of particular countries.  

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