Gdańsk and Pomorze on Belgian airwaves

A popular Belgian radio show, “La Grande Evasion”, promoted travel to Gdańsk and the region of Pomorze. There was mention of the biggest attractions and practical advice, as well as assurances that travelling to Poland is safe.


During the summer season, the VivaCité station broadcasts its travel show, La Grande Evasion (The Great Escape). Journalists and the editor of the popular travel portal Journal de l’Evasion each time present a different destination, highlighting historic monuments, attractions, and anecdotes of a given city or region. The show also incorporates contributions of its listeners, who share their travel experiences and holiday plans. There is also a competition with a prize to win: a stay at the presented destination.

On 21 July, celebrated as Belgian National Day, the main focus of the show was Gdańsk and Pomorze. The prize in the competition was a fabulous stay at the Radisson Hotel and Suites in the centre of Gdańsk along with a flight from Belgium.  

The campaign was carried out in partnership with the Pomeranian Regional Tourism Organisation, which worked with the sponsor of the prize and provided material for three extensive articles on Journal de l’Evasion to complement the radio campaign, adding content and expanding its reach. The articles present Gdańsk as a fascinating city trip destination and Pomorze as a land with beautiful nature, great cuisine, and a rich offer of outdoor tourism, which makes it an ideal place for a several days long road trip from Belgium.

As part of the show, the director of the PTO International Office in Brussels, Dominika Szulc, shared with audiences some places of interest from the Tri-City and the region. There was also practical advice on how to plan your stay in the region of Pomorze and several locales recommendations. The interview was also a good opportunity to present to the listeners the current situation in Poland in the context of the war in Ukraine. The fact that you can spend a safe and satisfying holiday in Poland is now a key element of Poland’s promotion in Belgium.

The winner of the competition, Carinne, lives in the area of Mons. Interestingly, her grandparents came from Gdańsk. However, neither she nor her husband had ever been to Poland, so this opportunity will allow the couple to discover the city of their ancestors.

The project is estimated to reach an audience of more than half a million people.

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