French-language Télépro weekly recommends national Polish portal to its readers

The new version of the national tourist portal ( and its editions aimed at particular locales and markets have been well received by readers. The recent changes are also being recognized by the media.  

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The Brussels-based office of Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) applies social media to distribute information about the rebranding of the portal. Télépro, the best-selling weekly TV guide to French-language channels, picked the news story.

The author of the short text presenting is a journalist that has never been to Poland, not even when passing through to another destination. The texts, photos and video materials published online by the team of the Brussels-based POT office are his exclusive source of information about our country. The discussed article published in Télépro colourfully encourages readers to explore the content available on the national tourist portal and to discover all the unique tourist assets of Poland. Télépro readers learn that “From the magnificent Kraków Old Town Main Square to the architectural splendour of Warsaw, Poland is a never-ending source of sensational tourist experiences. Moreover, the country has no shortage of mountains and beaches”. The readership value of the small article promoting the portal is significantly higher than the official price of placing a similarly-positioned advertisement, which would otherwise cost 5.500 EUR.

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