French influencers visit Poland as part of a POT campaign

In early August a group of French influencers toured Poland. Prominent bloggers visited our country at the invitation of Polish Tourism Organisation.

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The people behind Travel Me Happy, World Else and Little Gypsy channels are remarkably active in social media. The travelling group named itself EuroTrip with the nickname both evoking the character of their journey through several European countries and referring to the title of a popular comedy telling the story of young people travelling across Europe. This is an apt analogy as the French bloggers visited Poland as part of a larger European project implemented by Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) together with its Czech counterpart CzechTourism. The seminal French influencers were travelling with the international Interrail pass. Their stay in Poland encompassed tourist highlights of the region of Małopolska and the cities of Kraków and Wrocław.

According to Tomasz Rudomino, Director of the Parisian Polish Tourism Organisation International Office, the project concept was born this spring at the DITEX travel trade show in Marseille. Representatives of CzechTourism accepted POT’s proposal of making young people travelling to Eastern Europe interested in a joint offer of Poland and the Czech Republic, two neighbouring countries connected by convenient transportation routes. The involvement of Travel Me Happy, World Else and Little Gypsy in the discussed project was not accidental. The opinions, views and recommendations of their authors are important for the young French generation, a group distinguished by a specific style of living and travelling. The influencers go from place to place by train, usually stay in hostels or youth hostels and always have their smartphones with them, treating Internet as their main source of information about surroundings.

The EuroTrip group will use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, vlogs and their own portals to cover the discussed journey. “The posts will certainly be recognized and appreciated by the young people that constitute our target group. The compiled materials are both extensive and spectacular, including photos and videos shot from a drone”, assures Tomasz Rudomino.

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