Founding of the Wrocław Tourism Organisation

WROt, or Wrocław Tourism Organisation, was established in Wrocław’s Old Town Hall. Its main objective will be to coordinate and unify the promotion efforts of the city, its institutions and businesses. Wrocław wants to seek tourists even more effectively, which is particularly important for an industry that has been hit hard by the pandemic.

Founding members of the Wrocław Tourist Organization

Among the largest Polish cities, Wrocław had been the only one without a local tourism organisation. Among others, Warsaw, Łódź, Gdańsk and Poznań, each have their own. The establishment will mean that Wrocław will become part of the legal system and structure of cooperation as part of the Polish Tourism Organisation.

“The fact that Wrocław is now in the prestigious group of the largest Polish cities, which already have such associations, is an opportunity, above all, to expand activities and intensify cooperation between cities”, said Jakub Mazur, vice-mayor of Wrocław. “As we wrote in the Wrocław Tourism Declaration last year, we are striving for synergy between the various branches of tourism industry.”

WROt was called into being by 16 founding members, persons associated with the tourist attractions of Wrocław, businesses, NGOs, transport and academia.

“The main goal is to integrate the local tourism environment to achieve consolidation of our activities,” said Agnieszka Szymerowska, the newly appointed President of the Association. “We have clearly defined directions for development. We want, among others, to be promoted together at trade fairs, carry out market research and publish promotional materials. Today, we are taking the first step, while inviting more partners to participate in this initiative.”

The Wrocław Tourist Declaration, the city’s response to the situation of the industry during the pandemic, announced last year, underlines the need for stronger cooperation, goodwill, responsibility, solidarity and joint promotional activities. The foundation of WROt, with the recommendation of the Wrocław Tourism Council, meets these objectives.

Founding Members of the Wrocław Tourism Organisation

  1. Jakub Grudniewski - Centennial Hall
  2. Agnieszka Szymerowska - Convention Bureau
  3. Marek Mutor – Zajezdnia Shopping Centre
  4. Piotr Oleśniewicz - Wrocław University of Health and Sport Sciences
  5. Wioletta Samborska - Hydropolis
  6. Dariusz Kuś – Wroclaw Airport
  7. Kamil Słowiński - Kolejkowo
  8. Maciej Stoces - Hotel Monopol
  9. Robert Rasała - Tourist Information Centre CIT Rynek
  10. Piotr Oszczanowski - National Museum
  11. Krzysztof Balawejder - MPK Wrocław City Transport Company
  12. Agnieszka Korzeniowska – Wrocław ZOO
  13. Marta Urbanek - Wrocław Stadium
  14. Alfred Wagner – Wrocław City Hall
  15. Marek Ciechanowski – Lower Silesia Tourism Chamber
  16. Arleta Ziemian – Browar Stu Mostów Taproom and Brewery
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