Follow in the Best Polish Bloggers’ Footsteps: POT Campaign Continues

The Polish Tourism Organisation (POT) is using projects created by participants of the third Tourist Blogger Championship to promote individual regions of Poland. The campaign encouraging people to travel in Poland will last 16 weeks.

Graphics for the campaign Best Polish Bloggers’ Footsteps

We want to remind everyone about the many beautiful sites in Poland still waiting to be discovered. To this aim, as part of the Follow in the Best Polish Bloggers’ Footsteps campaign, the National Tourism Portal fan page ( is publishing weekly reports referencing and linking to blogger posts published during the championship.

“I encourage everyone to seek travel inspiration on the website. Sometimes it turns out that everything we need is within arm’s reach. For the championship, the bloggers have come up with some great ideas for spending free time and relaxing outdoors”, comments Rafał Szlachta, president of the Polish Tourism Organisation.

Through the championship, the bloggers have become ambassadors of particular regions in Poland. The pandemic means that during this year’s summer holiday season, domestic tourism will gain in importance. Nevertheless, the Polish Tourism Organisation wants to remind everyone just how much Poland can offer all tourists. The campaign kicked off on 5 February and continues until 21 May.

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