FIT Board and POT management discussed new cooperation objectives

An online session of the Board of Tourist Information Forum (Forum Informacji Turystycznej - FIT) and management of Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) was held on 6 November. The agenda included, i.a. a discussion on the Polish Tourist Voucher, technological requirements of the Tourist Information E-Certification app’s 2021 release, as well as POT’s image and promotional undertakings staged in the domestic market during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The FIT board and the management of the Polish Tourist Organization at an online meeting

The session in question involved Rafał Szlachta, President of POT, Anna Salamończyk-Mochel, Vice President of POT, Agnieszka Idziak, Vice President of POT’s Branch Office, Jacek Janowski, Director of POT’s Department for the Promotion of Domestic Tourism, Arkadiusz Osipiuk, Vice Director of POT’s Department of Internet Communication, Marcin Pałach, Chairman of FIT’s Board, Joanna Liberadzka-Duras, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Board members (Piotr Kończewski, Marcin Dąbrowski, Robert Nieroda, Marlena Rogowska, Mariola Pieńkowska), as well as Liliana Topolnicka-Waszczuk, Secretary of the Board, and Adam Pietras of POT’s Department for the Promotion of Domestic Tourism.

The goal of the meeting was to present cooperation objectives in the context of expanding POT’s information and promotional operations with certified tourist information centres and points, putting particular emphasis on the Polish Tourist Voucher.

POT’s management places emphasis on digitalising the Polish System of Tourist Information to strengthen the tourism industry during the pandemic and in the post-COVID-19-landscape.

In addition, the session also included a discussion on 2020 training seminars for tourist information staff in eight regions. Conducted by POT mostly in the online mode and in cooperation with regional tourism organisations, the trainings will target 200 professionals by the end of the year.

Mention was also due to POT’s current actions, with special attention drawn to the #zostańwdomu (#stayathome) campaign, “Rest in Poland”, a series of webinars for the industry, the nationwide Tourist School project, the Hygienically Safe Venues programme and the Tourism Blogging Championship.  

Representatives of the FIT Board unanimously declared their support for close cooperation with POT on all promotional actions aimed at, i.a. reinforcing social, active and sustainable tourism.

Also on the agenda, the current mode of operation of tourist information centres in pandemic circumstances remains limited and dominated by mobile communication following Poland’s sanitary recommendations.  

A decision was made to hold an online General Meeting of Tourist Information Forum members still this year.

FIT activities involve 370 certified tourist information centres and points operating as part of the Polish System of Tourist Information. The Forum was established for the purpose of coordinating undertakings and exchanging experiences aimed at upgrading this occupational group and creating a cohesive strategy of boosting the country’s tourism figures.

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