Famous Indian journalist in Poland

Polish Tourism Organisation hosted renowned Indian journalist Rashmi Uday Singh, who on 27 July-7 August visited, i.a. Warsaw, Łódź and Kraków.


Rashmi Uday Singh is an author of several dozen books, a TV host, a winner of numerous prestigious awards and distinctions (including the Order of Arts and Letters presented by the French Republic). She travelled to Poland to gather materials for her future projects and search for new unexplored destinations to introduce her readers to. On a day-to-day basis Singh works with women’s and lifestyle magazines. Specialising in cooking, she has written many guides dedicated to this subject matter.

The fam trip consisted of three stages. First, the journalist visited Warsaw, where particular emphasis was placed on the impressive offer of vegetarian cuisine in the food scene of the capital. Next, the guest toured Łódź as a city distinguished by Lonely Planet in the 2019 Best Value Destination category. The last stage involved Singh exploring Kraków, 2019 European Capital of Gastronomic Culture, and sightseeing the region of Małopolska.

The tour’s subject matter focused mostly on aspects related to Polish culture and, predominantly, cuisine. The journalist spoke with chefs and owners of the establishments she visited. This made it possible to compile exceptional and valuable material that Singh can apply in the future. First articles covering the trip have already been published in The Times of India.

The trip was staged in cooperation with Warsaw Tourist Office, Łódź Tourism Organisation, Kraków Municipality and Małopolska Tourism Organisation.

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