ETC supports Polish tourism

In June and July, the European Travel Commission actively promoted travel to Poland. The campaign is the result of an agreement between the Polish Tourism Organisation and the European Travel Commission reached at the May summit in Ljubljana in connection to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its impact on the domestic tourism industry.


In support of Polish tourism, the European Travel Commission has carried out a series of actions promoting Poland and encouraging incoming tourism, using its own channels of communication. Inspiring articles were published on, touching on themes such as royal residences, attractions for children and holiday adventures in our country. One of the cities that ETC highlighted in its social media was Łódź.

The European Travel Commission promoted Poland not only on the Old Continent but also across the ocean. Materials with the slogan “Explore Poland’s hidden gems” and #HistoricallyCurious were posted, among others, on the websites of Cosmopolitan, USA Today Travel, Exploring Wild, and Attractions of America. ETC is planning further publications related to our country, which will soon be distributed both in Europe and on other continents.

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