British journalists tour Warsaw and Wrocław

Polish Tourism Organisation invited The Independent journalist Helen Coffey to Wrocław. In turn, a group of journalists from the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland stayed in Warsaw as part of a fam trip.


Helen Coffey, a journalist of the influential online newspaper The Independent, came to Wrocław on the last weekend of March. Her stay was dedicated to renowned dwarf figurines, one of the greatest highlights of the city and a unique artistic-social phenomenon.

The journalist sightsaw the capital of Dolny Śląsk (Lower Silesia) following the trail of the sculptures and met their author. During her stay Helen Coffey also had an opportunity to explore the wide range of culinary flavours and traditions, which the city and the whole region is celebrated for. The trip was arranged in cooperation with Municipality of Wrocław.

After the stay of The Independent delegate wrapped up, the first week of April marked a visit of a group of five journalists from the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland, who participated in a fam trip to Warsaw staged by the London-based Polish Tourism Organisation International Office. Representatives of media outlets, such as Fabulous Magazine, Metro Newspaper, STELLAR Magazine, ABTA Magazine and Exhibition World Magazine paid attention to both historical highlights and cultural venues.

The agenda of their stay encompassed, i.a. a tour of the Old Town, Łazienki Park and the Royal Route, as well as the Neon Museum in the Praga district and visits to so-called milk bars. One of the highlights involved sightseeing Warsaw of the communist period while riding in vintage cars. Moreover, the also sampled traditional Polish meals served in both classic and innovative versions. LOT Polish Airlines, Warsaw Tourism Organisation and the chain of Vienna hotels acted as the trip’s partners.

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