Belgian Radio Promotes Trips to Poznań and Wielkopolska

Poznań and the Wielkopolska region were recently the focus of the programme La Grande Evasion on the VivaCité radio network. Belgium’s leading tourism programme presented this area in Poland as the perfect destination for a road trip or city trip.

Screen of the article about Poznań from the radio website

Every Saturday, the editors of La Grande Evasion, Belgium’s top radio programme on tourism, take listeners to interesting destinations all over the world. Together with the editor of the travel web portal Le Journal de l’Evasion, they talk about historical monuments, tell anecdotes, and describe the attractions of selected destinations. These reports are supplemented by listeners phoning in to share their own travel experiences. Extra excitement is provided by a competition in which the prize is a trip to the destination of the day.

On Saturday, 8 August, the focus was Poznań and the Wielkopolska region, showcased as the perfect destination for a road trip or city trip. It is an especially attractive proposal in these (post-)COVID times as tourists seek nearby, safe destinations far from crowds, close to nature and regional attractions.

Two interviews with Dominika Szulc, director of the Polish Tourism Organisation (POT) International Office in Brussels, presented further fascinating places: gems like the Wolsztyn Steam Locomotive Depot, hiking and cycling trails in the Wielkopolska National Park, 800-year-old oak trees in the Rogalin palace park, and the architecture of Poznań’s Old Brewery. The city’s newest star attraction, the Enigma Cipher Centre scheduled to open this autumn, was also mentioned.

The partnership with the Poznań Local Tourism Organisation (PLOT) and the Wielkopolska Tourism Organisation (WOT) guaranteed listeners the city’s and region’s latest tourism news and, above all, a very attractive prize: a several-day stay at the Sheraton Hotel in Poznań, travel costs included.

La Grande Evasion is broadcast by the VivaCité radio network, Belgium’s second-largest French-language station. The programme was the final element in an extensive campaign promoting Poznań and Wielkopolska among the Belgians in 2021. It included publications in Sudpresse dailies covering the French-speaking part of the country, two competitions, an article on the Le Journal de l’Evasion portal, and social media activities. PLOT and WOT were the campaign partners. The project’s reach is estimated at over 1.2 million people.

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