Belgian and Dutch bloggers got a taste of Warsaw and Łódź

As part of the #VisitPoland project, the Polish Tourism Organisation invited bloggers from Belgium and the Netherlands to our country. The influencers, who saw Łódź and Warsaw, run three different high-quality and high-traffic blogs:,

Bloggers from Belgium and the Netherlands in Poland

The trip was organised in cooperation with the Warsaw Tourism Office and the Łódź Tourism Organisation.

Particular emphasis was placed on the food offer in both cities, including vegan and vegetarian options, for which our capital is becoming increasingly known. Another researched area was sustainable tourism. During their five-day stay, the influencers visited both the most important attractions of the cities and the hidden gems which lie off the beaten track.

The stay began with a concert of Chopin’s music. Then the #VisitPoland participants took a train to Łódź, and finally, to conclude their agenda, they saw the beautiful Palace in Wilanów. To complement their experience, accommodation was provided in boutique hotels – the H15 Hotel in Warsaw and the Stare Kino Cinema Residence in Łódź, the winner of the prestigious POT certificate in 2018.

The stories from the trip should be released by the end of this year. We encourage you to check out what our guests thought and wrote on their Instagram accounts: @nathalie_wanders, @veggiewayfarer and @bijzonderplekje.

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