Baltic Sea Region Sustainable Tourism Awards - apply now!

Ministry of Development and Polish Tourism Organisation encourage tourism sector actors to participate in the first international competition for Baltic Sea Region Sustainable Tourism Awards: Promoting Sustainable and Competitive Tourism in the Baltic Sea Region.


Sustainable tourism awards are presented all around the world to recognise the achievements of various stakeholders and their contribution towards increasingly sustainable and eco-friendly tourism operations at local, domestic, regional and international level. The main objective of the Baltic Sea Region Sustainable Tourism Awards is to provide a permanent platform for distinguishing initiatives and activities adhering to the highest standards of sustainable development in Baltic Sea Region’s tourism during and after the COVID-19 outbreak.

In addition, the competition is intended to help showcase Baltic Sea Region’s sustainable tourism-related achievements and to position it as an established and competitive destination on a European and global scale. The project is expected to become a substantial platform for exchanging best practices and know-how between Baltic Sea Region countries.   

The Sustainable Tourism Awards encourage involvement and promote cooperation between stakeholders engaged in the development of sustainable and responsible tourism in all Baltic Sea Region countries. They also motivate to promote sustainable practices in the discussed region and stimulate the recovery of tourism and new sustainable initiatives during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The competition is organised by Priority Area Coordinator for Tourism in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR), the Baltic Sea Tourism Centre in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, and the Tourism Policy Department of Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania.

All tourism sector actors operating in the Baltic Sea Region capable of demonstrating their activities’ contribution to sustainable development of tourism are eligible to take part in the competition.

The awards will recognize achievements in the following categories:

  1. Most sustainable destination. The category will consider submissions from cities, municipalities, communities, protected areas, tourism clusters, as well as any other location or groups of activities perceived by visitors as a tourism destination.
  2. Most sustainable product and exceptional services. The category will consider submissions from suppliers of products and services, such as food service facilities, accommodation establishments, tour organisers, tourist information centres, craft centres, suppliers of tourist attractions, as well as establishments supplying tourism services.
  3. Most sustainable private supplier of tourism services (business). The category will consider submissions from private businesses supplying tourism services that will present substantial evidence confirming business practices, services and products in the field of sustainable tourism.

A statuette will be presented to the winner in each category and a diploma to two follow-ups.

Applications in English should be submitted to between 27 September (World Tourism Day) and 31 October 2020. Contact the same e-mail for additional information and details.

Below you will find an application form in English available for download. To complete it, use guidelines for particular categories covered by the attached Sustainable Tourism Awards document.

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