Apple TV crew shot the Polish episode of Guy in the Sky

Paris Norris, the host of Guy in the Sky, along with his film crew visited our country at the invitation of the Polish Tourism Organisation. The result of the visit will be a 40-minute episode showing the extreme and unusual tourist attractions of Pomerania, Silesia and Lesser Poland.

The Apple TV team in Poland

At the beginning of May, Poland hosted the makers of the Guy in the Sky show (streaming on Apple TV and Amazon Prime) who had arrived in Poland together with the show’s host Paris Norris. During their 10-day trip, guests from the US visited the voivodeships of Pomerania, Silesia and Lesser Poland, where they shot footage for the show’s section dedicated to the attractions of our country. 

The result of this trip will be a 40-minute video presenting extreme activities and original tourist products in Poland. During the visit, the film crew went diving in the Gródek quarry in Jaworzno, walked in the old tunnels of the Guido Coal Mine in Zabrze, and did rock-climbing in the Będkowska Valley. There are also airborne attractions, such as balloon flights and paragliding. In Sopot, the American guests were welcomed at the “Fisherman” restaurant, where the chef Rafał Koziorzemski entertained them with a culinary show.

The Polish episode of the show broadcast on Apple TV and Amazon Prime is an opportunity to reach a new group of American tourists interested in adventure travel. Paris Norris is a famous US TV personality, outdoor adventure enthusiast and the host of the Guy in Dubai and Guy in the Sky travel programmes, in which diving, paragliding and fast cars play a major role. So far, more than 15 million viewers a year have seen his shows on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, OSN and on-board entertainment systems at airlines such as Emirates and British Airways.

The trip was carried out in cooperation with the Silesian Tourism Organisation, the Lesser Poland Tourism Organisation and the Pomeranian Regional Tourism Organisation.

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