A film-themed trip from the U.K. to Poland

Wrapping up on Friday, a fam trip of U.K. film producers and journalists to Poland was intended to reinforce the image of our country as an attractive filming location.


The journey of British film producers to Poland was staged by Poznań Film Commission, Filming Land and Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT). The main objective of the project was to emphasise the film-related potential of Poznań and Warsaw and, consequently, additionally boost the positive image of our country among U.K. residents. Playing a key role in promoting destinations, the significance of film tourism systematically grows year-over-year.

The list of trip participants included, i.a. Paul Sarony, involved in HBO’s latest top show, the Chernobyl mini-series, and Shona Smith of U.K’s trade publication The Location Guide, who is now working on an article covering her stay in Poznań.

With the support of Poznań Local Tourist Organisation, the Poznań Film Commission compiled a programme focused on Poznań-set venues that are unmatched anywhere else in Europe and available as shooting locations for film productions. The guests began their stay in the capital of Wielkopolska by sightseeing a renovated town house in 12 Młyńska Street, admiring the Regional Court in Poznań, and then setting out for the Old Market Square and Ostrów Tumski island. It is worth mentioning that the last two highlights are not only a potentially attractive filming location, but also an essential part of the history of both Poznań and Poland.

The visitors showed great interest in the Fallout Shelter of Mayor of Poznań, whose virtually intact form constitutes a fantastic and truly one-of-a-kind film scenery. They will also certainly remember fort VI with its enormous area, expansive spaces, corridors and military character.

Fam trip participants were enchanted by the imperial district, where they had an opportunity to take a closer look at the Assembly Hall of Adam Mickiewicz University (Wieniawska Street), Wielki Theatre, Imperial Castle and its impressive courtyard and gardens, as well as Collegium Maius. Next, they sightsaw the districts of Łazarz and Jeżyce, a calling card of Poznań thanks to their magnificent Art Nouveau town houses.

On Thursday the guests travelled to Warsaw, where they saw with their own eyes that our capital really is diverse, filled with contrasts and great opportunities for filmmakers. The producers particularly appreciated the beauty of downtown houses, the phenomenal Ufficio Primo and the main building of Warsaw University of Technology. Finally, they were also inspired by the atmospheric Praga district and enthralled by the size and splendor of the Old Town and the wild beaches by the Vistula.

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